About Us

About Us

We specialize in business performance management and data analytics. There are always various business initiatives focused on cost reductions, operational efficiencies, or strategic synergies in any organization. Process performance management combined with data analytics is the future to achieve success of such initiatives, which ensure optimal usage of finance and resources to improve value.

Here at Avocado consulting, we deliver improved value to our customers. Whether this is in Finance operations, Logistics, Sales, Manufacturing, HR or any other area of expertise; whether you are running a single harmonized ERP or multiple ERP’s across multiple technology platforms; whether you have simple or complex reporting and Business Intelligence; whether you face a pure business-centric problem or an IT-centric problem; whether you have identified that a problem exists or don’t even realize you have a problem; we deliver value across your whole organization - every time! And we do it faster, better and at a fraction of the cost of any major consulting company you may choose to name.

How can we make such promises? The reason is that at Avocado, we don’t hire just IT specialists or just business process specialists. We hire people who demonstrate to us from the outset, a deep passion for excellence in every detail of who they are and in the specialist work they do; people who know how to put every process under a microscope and seek optimization at every step; people who understand that just fixing the IT does not always provide the ‘fix’, that there is much more to the equation than meets the eye and who relentlessly seek to solve the equation, regardless of where the solution lies.

And how do we do it at a fraction of the cost? Because we don’t waste your time. We have developed methodologies to allow us to identify issues fast and have the knowledge and experience to implement solutions equally fast. Once we’re done, we don’t hang around and leave ‘partners’ in the building to drum up more business. Having delivered above and beyond your expectations, we politely say goodbye and wait for you to call us next time you need us.

We also ensure, we develop in-house capability as a part of our consulting so that small optimization projects can be done by your own staff rather than hiring consultants.

As the CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO or CDO you have an ever-growing priority and responsibility to deliver digital and process efficiency focused on cost reductions, operational efficiencies, or strategic synergies, to your organization. On that basis, can you afford not to talk to us?

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